Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Clerical garb

Lots of posts all at once.. remembered I never posted tis picture of the outfit I made for the last maelstrom. This is the new Cardinal of Mill'en. Being a roleplaying game I specifically went for colours that were relevant to the game world not real life but kept the clerical feel so it is obvious what he is. Must sort him a hat before next season I think. We also talked about an shoulder cloak but I have run out of the wool and as yet not found a nice matching brocade.

Another shot of him can be found here.


Richard said...

That the sort of thing I intend to make for my current character, do you have pattern you could send?

Esther said...

umm not exactly.. well I do but it's the one I drafted for Alex. Send me your measurements and I'll draft you one it isn't hard.

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