Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Crochet top

I don't crochet, one of the very few fibre arts I've never learnt though I am weakening. This pattern for a top is certainly breaking down my defences, of course I want to do a pattern ladled experienced I don't want to bother doing the more basic stuff first.

That said I teach peple to sew and we start with what they want to make which is often not something basic so the question is how badly wrong would it go if I tried? Probably should at least get someone to show me the basics first. I did try from a book and got as far as a line of basic stitch but couldn't work out how you moved to the second line which is probably easy but I couldn't get my head round the instructions.


Julie said...

There are a lot of very nice crochet patterns out there now as it begins to catch up with knitting and designers realise that people want nice, modern and pretty things.

That top is very pretty and ambitious! I've never tried to make clothes as of yet but I can see why its tempting you :)

If you collar me after this month, I can show you the basics of crochet and bring over some books for you to look through. I'll need to take them away with me again as I'm very attached to them, but flicking through and seeing if you can follow them is important if you decide to buy a book as that way you don't waste your money. Not all books are the same and some are more easily understood than others.

Julie said...

And by way of further temptation take a look at...




Go into the pattern sections and have a browse... :)

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