Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Charity shop hall and Felting experiment

We went on a charity shop trawl at the weekend and i got some bits.. I got a camera bag which will get revamped as something else, a sweet little cruet set which will go with my Denby. Two short sleeve silk shirts to wear open over T-shirts (I don't do butteoned shirts well due to my bust). A pair of stripy jeans to make a bag out of. A pink and black tweedy jacket which i plan to hack and slash till it works and definetly change the buttons plus two pure wool jumpers.

I washed both jumpers at 60 (and a third one himself was chucking) The patterned one shrunk very well the other two didn't so i plan to try again at a hotter temp. The patterned one shrunk from 41-43 inch chest to just the right size for small one who is nearly 4. I cut it down the front and it is now a boiled wool jacket for him.. result.

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