Thursday, January 26, 2012

A few little bits

I've actually managed to finished a few things recently though there are lots of half finished ones still knocking about !

Firstly a little family of owls.. no good reason for them I just liked the idea.

Secondly Treestump decided to have a spate of loosing gloves so I decided to make him some mittens. He was very enthusiastic about the idea and is less fussing than his brother about wool and it being itchy so I used a nice bright green I picked up from our local wool shop which is pure wool in a sock weight. I totally winged the pattern making it up as I went along, measuring his hand in the dark while he was asleep ! Had a couple of panics they were coming out too big but no his hands really are huge.

Silly face time !
After the photo I added the traditional string (just a chain of crochet) so they can stay in his coat. I attached them to the back of the neck so they stay level and are less likely to catch round his neck or anything. He loves them and keeps telling me they make his hands warm. He obviously told the teacher I made them for him in pre-school to!

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