Monday, January 30, 2012

Bathroom update

Well the aim was for a picture perfect bathroom by the end of the month and I think we did pretty well.

Doors are on the cupboard.
 I have got a couple of nice little pots for soap and cotton wool too.

We got a shelving unit and it fits very well. I was worried it was too big as it goes where the slope of the roof is lowest but it is fine. If you look carefully at the wall to the right of the shelves you can see a line which is the chrome edging stripe above the tiles. A few inches above that the roof joins the wall before rising up as it goes over the toilet. I did a little montage to get the toilet in the photo too. I don't have any wide angle ability on my camera and the bathroom is only 2m square which makes taking photos a challenge.  To the left of the toilet is the window and then at right angles to that is the sink. the shower is in the  next corner round and then the door is in the final corner on the other side of the towel rail.

We do have several  more matching towels but they had already been used by the time I got to take these shots. One of the jobs on the to do list is go through towels and bedding and assign them to different rooms so we have less random mixes of colours !!

Other basics acquired include a loo brush in a holder (hiding behind the loo and just visible if you look hard) and the toilet roll holder. We also got a mat for outside the shower and I found some nice stick-on shapes in blue which hold up shower gel bottles very well so no need to try drilling holes for a shelf.

So it's totally finished right! Well no we don't have a mirror. That's partly because Tom's sister has offered us one she has and we are waiting to see if it is suitable. Problem is we need to co-ordinate us and it being in the same place at the same time as they live on the south coast ! We may also put a long one behind the door which is opposite the toilet and next to the shower. (update - since writing this as a draft we have got a mirror which will work even if we replace it later but it isn't up yet)

One other change we may make is to swap the tap handles for lever ones as there are optional ones in the box which I had forgotten about till I went to throw the boxes away ! I think a basket or two for on the shelves might be good too but that depends what we decide to keep up there.

Someone insisted I wanted a picture of them as well !

Once the heating is fully operational or more likely when spring comes I will find a plant or two for the windowsill but it's a bit cold currently when the room isn't in use. The heating in the room is finished but the rest of the zone and indeed the manifold it needs to attach to is not and so only the towel rail works currently not the underfloor heating.

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