Sunday, February 13, 2011

More Termari

I have made a couple more Temari recently.

The first is in various shades of yellows and oranges. It is basically done by wrapping thread round the mari (the base ball) in a specific pattern using pins to keep them tight together at the circumference of the ball and then adding a band of copper coloured thread round the middle which takes the place of the pins to hold the threads in place.

The Second was done as a stitch along on the Talktermari Yahoo group which is a wonderful group to learn how to make these balls.  The way the stitch along was done I didn't know what we were making when we started and it was quite an exercise in following purely written instructions. The result was a turtle ! I repeated the pattern but smaller on the other side. I am undecided if I should add anything more in the way of decoration to the termari or not.

1 comment:

Alice Y. said...

They are beautiful.

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