Monday, January 17, 2011

A Steampunk birthday cake and goals for the year

This is a very late New Year type post but hey that's life and the end of the year and beginning of this has been a bit hectic with a couple of big parties to cater for as we had the big family get together here and then Tom's 40th.  Both were great and are now finished so time to think about making things again. I also had a eye infection between the two which made life less than fun.

The cake  is the fortieth birthday cake I made Tom with some able help from our friend Sam. It is a steampunk bird's nest complete with mechanical chick. I would normally only post a cake on my cooking blog but it's rather multi media as the nest is actually telecoms wire and sweets like chocolate money! It also has thin candles woven though it with the ends you light sticking out the top, they are ones with iron filings in them so they splutter and spark like very mild sparklers. Sam actually made the nest for me while I did the things made of icing like the chick. The eggs are kinder eggs unwrapped!

Anyway on to New Years type things. I'm not making resolutions more a list of hopes for the year.

Generally I hope to do far more making of things this year both for home and indeed for work.

I also plan to try and use up some of my stash so we have more room and because there is a lot of money tied up in all that fabric and yarn so rather than spend more I should shop my own in built store. Yea well we will see how long that lasts but if I do use some of my stash that means I'm making things which gives me reason to buy more :)

I have joined a couple of challenges though I'm not promising to do them completely or anything but hopefully they will help inspire me.

The first is A Jacket a month on the Stitchers Guild, I'm going to count all outer wear that at least covers body and arms and they can be for any member of the family as I personally wouldn't know what to do with 12 jackets just for me ! So far I am planning a Caped cloak for Tom (mostly cut out) and a hooded cloak or poncho for Noddles who is objecting to the way his school jumper and coat fight in the sleeves and after seeing my poncho I made years ago when working on a market stall is keen to have something similar.

The second is more for inspiration as anything and I don't promise to do every week.. I haven't done any as yet but it does sound fun. It is Iron Craft, every week the post a different challenge which could cover almost any craft or subject and you have a week to make something and then on the right day post it up.

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Sandy Ang said...

Never seen anything like this before. What a wonderful birdie in his nest!

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