Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Green gloves

I have finally finished the fingerless gloves I've had nearly finished for ages. Somehow the weather is making crochet more appealing again.

The pattern is Something New by Donna Durchunas published in Issue three of Inside Crochet and she says they were inspired by a pair in a Lithuanian museum. The design is lovely with a shell patten on the arm and hand is more of a mesh, differing on the back of the hand and the palm. I really like how they turned out though I haven't decided if I'm keeping them or giving them away. The colour isn't one I wear that often and the wool was originally bought with someone else in mind. It is a very nice sock weight wool from The Yarn Yard.

I would happily make these again but if I did I would re-write the second half of the pattern. I don't know if was me just not being used to patterns but it felt like as I went on through the pattern it went from something you could follow exactly to something more akin to notes you would make to remind you about a pattern you already knew. I know space can be an issue but there was a certain amount of frogging and harsh words at time particularly while doing the hand sections.

I must say so far I am really enjoying Inside Crochet. It is nice to have a British Crochet magazine and the patterns have been a nice mix each magazine so far.


Kathi said...

Hello Ester!
Thanks so much for visiting my little blog!
I don't know how to crochet, although I've tried! I'm impressed that you are able to do this so well!
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Deb said...

Nice to meet you, too! I've crocheted a couple pairs of fingerless gloves but I always end up frogging them or putting them in the goodwill bag. You're making me think maybe I should give it another try, maybe I'd like the next pair better.

Sibyl Harbinger said...

These look good and warm. I like fingerless gloves, especially long ones. I wear them to crochet with, funnily enough, as it keeps we warm. Looking out at the snow, I really feel the need to be making something with wool.

Have you seen the pattern for fingerless gloves in issue 5 of Inside Crochet? Page 68? I think they are gorgeous, and a lovely colour. But I don't think I'll stretch to £16 per skein of yarn to make them though! Why do they always choose the most expensive yarn they can find!

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