Tuesday, April 07, 2009

fabric egg and flower photos

I just like this photo for all it's faults.
Noddles has to have a decorated hat or boiled egg for the Easter parade at school. Now he wanted an egg but we both agreed that a boiled egg could not be kept after and so as I had just found this lovely idea on Reto Mama we decided a fabric egg would be better.

Fabric as duly chosen by him and i then sewed it. He put the stuffing in though. Are you as surprised as me at the colours he chose given he had a fair range to chose from many of them quite bright? He is going to decorate it some more so you never know what it will be like by the end.
I thought you might also like to see some of the Helibores we have in the garden this year as they have flowered amazingly.

I'm tempted to remove at least some of them as they current occupy the area you see as you look out the back room and one of the few sunny parts of the garden. Currently the leaves fill the bed for most of the summer which is rather boring. I will either move them round to the shaded side or take them to the allotment I think.
Finally a shot of Treestump who is now starting to grow out of 12 to 18 month old clothes even though he is only a few weeks past his first birthday ! The surface with the monitor on is at normal table height ! He is also now happily walking around everywhere and was off across the playground at school yesterday when i let him out of the buggy.. exploring without a care in the world !


Anonymous said...

Another worshipper at the shrine of Ikea Ivar shelving, I see!

Esther said...

Yes indeed.. we were shopping in IKEA before most people had heard of them if you can believe there was a time that was true. Those shelves have been in so many different places and uses over the years they have really paid their way.

Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

I think a fabric egg is a brilliant idea...I would never have thought of that one.
The flowers are lovely and what a pickup for the spirit at this time of year, thank you for sharing them...I'm going to scout around my garden and see what I can find!!
Treestump has really grown!!! he is big for his age and what a fantastic smile!! Love it!!

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