Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drayton Manor photos

We went to Drayton Manor yesterday which is a zoo come amusement park. We took Noodles with us but left Treestump at nursery as we decided he was a little young for most of the rides and taking him would limit what we could do. Noodles is now big enough for most rides and quite a few he could do on his own (though he only did that once) however he was just short of the proper adult rides including the big water ride which he would have really like to go on. He did however manage to have 21 goes on various rides and decided the best three were bumper cars, the troublesome trucks rollercoster (in Thomas Land) and the rapid ride (the water ride he was allowed on).

Rather scarily we had measured Treestump that morning and he is 80 cm high which is only 10cm under the min size to ride alone on a lot of the smaller rides, I don't think he will be anywhere near old enough to do that by the time he is 90cm!

We took a good few pictures though i don't feel right showing ones with other people in on our blog.

Firstly a few on Tom and Noodles on the rides (there are a few of me and I might find one I like later to show you).
On the troublesome trucks
On the rapids ride just as they get very wet.
and the after shot where he is going argg I'm wet!!
I'd like to point out this was the second time on this ride, the first time we all went on and I got soaked but they both stayed pretty dry!

I took various pictures of the scenery on the rapids ride and had a bit of a play with effects on it as it was lovely and bright colours and strong contrasts.
This first one is a watercolour effect.
This one is playing with various levels of contrast etc.

I also took some good photos in the zoo part of the park some of which I plan to use later on cards or similar but here is a couple now.
I love this back shot
More later.

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dottyspots said...

It looks like a great day was had - it's been so long since I've been to Drayton Manor!

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