Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Tell All Tuesday

so this weeks question is

When do you put your Christmas decorations up and how long do they stay up?

My answer is it depends on when we are visiting grandparents and so on, we have three sets plus various brothers and sisters to fit in so weekends before Christmas can be a bit full. The said we try to leave it to quite close to Christmas otherwise I feel it starts to get a bit old before the actual holiday.

This year the plan is at the beginning of the week Christmas is actually in as we are away for the weekends before that and Noodles will have finished school. The Tree is bought and keeping fresh outside.

They will stay up till after new year, normally as close to 12th night as possible, while making sure they come down for it ends..

Pop over to Jellybelly Jellybrain to see what everyone else says.


Anonymous said...

LOL I put mine up the week before Christmas, and take it down the following week!! That is, if I put one up at all... LOL LOL Welcome to Mojo's team, too! Have a great day... {{HUGS}}

Angie said...

I know what you mean I usually put mine up the weekend after christmas but man I am so tired of it my the time the holiday gets here so this year I will put it up next weekend and it usually always comes down the weekend after. Have a great day!!!

horsedreamn2 said...

Well lets's how many week till Christmas..oh wait mines not up yet..LOL take it down
Congrats on the CT!
Have a Good Night!

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