Saturday, November 08, 2008

recent layouts

Some more layouts done as various challenges on forums. Have you got that I like challenges to give me a head start yet? Using one specific kit has a similar restriction which can help to cut things down enough to know where to start.

First one is another miracle gro on digital scrap garden, this is where we get given papers etc then some elements then some more elements and build up the layout as we go. This kit has similar autumnal colours to the last one or at least the parts I used did though they were fairly different when you looked at the two kits side by side. The photo was taken by himself when we went to the woods for a picnic recently and I though it was wonderful.

The next two were for challenges on snap and scrap, both for the weekend cyber crop. The first one was a progressive scrap which was were we went round a blog list collecting items to then use them in a layout. We got a very nice selection of items on a purple theme which went perfectly with photos of a hat I recently made Treestump as you will have seen in a previous post.

The other one was the All The Same To Me Challenge where again we were given a kit and had to use it, I only used the blue parts of the kit but it had similar elements in pink and yellow too. The layout is about a trip to the London Eye this half term and all the photos are ones I took while we were up there.

Finally I used the wonderful new Wee willy Winkie kit from Cen's Loft to scrap a layout for a challenge from Cottage Scrapbooks to do one with something to do with music. That was easy because we sing a lot in our house and Noodles is dead sweet trying to lull Treestump to sleep singing twinkle twinkle little star. June was even kind enough to re-do one of the frames with the alternative wording for me to change nursery rhymes.

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Census (aka Cen aka June.S) said...

Esther the layout is gorgeous!!!! I love it!!!!
You did a wonderful challenge layout and a great addition for the album..terrific work!!

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