Sunday, February 03, 2008

Valentine's Day printables and what's not going on

Firstly a quick linky to Lisa Vollrath's Valentine's Countdown freebees. I like her work and she does the occasional free run like this so go have a look.

As to what I've been up to, not much. The physio confirmed that I have SPD and I have a lot of trouble with any amount of standing and walking. She has given me a very good support belt which helps when stood but it isn't easy to sit in. I have just worked out my kneeling chair does allow me to sit in it with out the belt runching up however which is a bonus as long as I don't stay still so long my knees go to sleep. Last time I just had lack of energy due to it being hot (he was born in August).. I'd rather that version of pregnancy !

I have done a few bits of sewing since last update. I made an empire line dress for an event as I had nothing to wear. I need to take some pics but am quite please with it considering I don't normally like myself in any unboned costumes but then I normally just feel fat and my bump is so frontal it can't be mistaken for fat.. I am going to try and sort some reasonable photos of said bump this week.. which is another ab-normal thing for me I normally avoid personal photos. According to himself it is because i like the Earth Mother look. Not if the pain and lack of movement is part of the package !!

I have also done some recovering of chair cushions for the in-laws.. when I say chair cushions these are for conservatory chairs so quite large shaped cushion covers which are linked together. They came out very well though I again forgot to take pics.. Still have the back cushion for the matching sofa to make because the interior cushion for that fell apart so we are discussing replacement options given I can't get the stuff the original is made of.

I am hoping to get some basic but biggish stuff done in the next couple of weeks like curtains for the back room, and Smalls bedroom which has had a re-vamp and he now has a cabin bed with a den under it. Plus himself wants kit for the next roleplay event which will probably be a joint effort.

I also want to do some polymer clay stuff as I haven't done any in a while and I can sit to do that.. just need to get everything in one place and sorted so it can be easily used, thereby limiting me moving about and therefore giving up.

Finally I am doing a couple of thread orders to Empress mills and Barnyards in the next couple of days if anyone reading this is local (ie so you save on the postage) and hasn't read my LJ then shout if you want anything. We are pretty much out of black thread which is just not a good thing!


Anonymous said...

Oh you poor sausage - I had SPD with all three of my pregnancies with varying degrees of pain, but with my last one I was on full bed rest from 18 weeks until she was born at 37 weeks. I feel your pain, and I hope you're not too impeded by it.

Thank you for linking to my blog by the way!

- Vonnie

Tea Rose said...

Hi, Esther. I would like to thank you for posting my site FIRST in your blogroll by inviting you to join in a game of blogger tag. You can find the rules on my blog at Don't feel pressured to participate or anything; I just wanted to return the favor by sending some traffic your way.

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