Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Oriental stuff

Now Stargate is over I can talk about the costume I made for the event. As some who read this will know my charater was kidnapped by a rogue UKGC agent. He then gave her to a Gou'ald for questioning.. not a nice thing to do and doubly so when she is a Tok'Ra. Said Gou'ald was japanese so me and my two fellow captives.. one of whom the other players knew nothing about, needed approprate clothing. Debs made a full kimono which looked wonderful but she was being held more as a trophy where as I was being interogated and killed regularly (the joys of the bad guys being able to bring you back to life in a sarcophogus).

I wanted something less formal. I already had a pair of oriental type trousers.. the sort that are split down the outside leg and wrap round front to back and back to front. I don't wear them as they open too much at the sides so i decided to sew them up a bit. I sewed them from about 10" below the waist to just below the knee which worked well.

I also made a short kimono out of calico. originally I planned to to use this just as a mock up but in the end wore it as a shirt which worked fine. I adjusted it so it has stright sleeves not hanging ones.

Pic of trousers and top.. badly taken as i wasn't allowed to let Tom know I was making it becouse he plays and I was under strict instructions not too let any players know who we were being held by.

Finally to try and not freeze to death (something I only partly achived) I made a Haori which is a jacket to wear over kimonos with a kimono sleeve, open at the front just held with a tie. This was made from a heavy blue silk I had just enough left from a different project and some cream linen with a blue and grey stripe. I came out quite well and i will probably keep the jacket and use it generally. i will post a pic of that later.

I ended up wearing the shirt and trousers all day sataday (we were finally rescued in the wee small hours of satday morning) before changing to combats when it got cold in the evening.

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