Saturday, March 31, 2007

Mum's visit, sewing show and Alpaca

Mum came to visit for a few days so we could go to the sewing show at the NEC. We never even got into the Hobby craft hall as we had run out of energy by then. We both got sucked in by tatting and lucet work and bought kits to do said crafts. Yes I know I probably have both somewhere but the tatting kit was only 3 pounds and the lucet had details on lots of different braids and i'm a sucker for braids.

I got some beading stuff, including a necklace kit i have promised to make for Mum, in return she is knitting me a stole which is lovely. Found places to get cravat pins for Tom though none had brought them to the show. Nearly bought some friendly plastic to make a Gou'ald hand device then forgot and ordered it on line when i got back !!

Fell in love with the babylock Embellisher for some reason no-one else seems to feel I NEED another specalist machine.

Mum is weaving plastic bag handbags at the moment. The base is old jeans.

That was Thursday. Friday we went over to Toft Alpaca before Mum went home and oggled the wool, yarn and ready made items. I picked up some leg wool to try felting as had been discussed at Knitwits a few weeks back and Mum bought a selection of yards to knits scarfs and the like from.

All in all a good few couple of days.


Julie said...

*blinks* There was a sewing show????

You bought a lucet kit? Do tell more...

I keep intending to pick up my lucet again and start learning to do more complicated braids. I had a go last year at learning to lucet without twisting, but keeping the tension even is difficult, i.e. I need more practice. More successful was my attempts to weave a flattened braid, even if it took some getting my head around. Weaving in a gimp was also successful, the secret there being to keep the tension in the gimp cord relatively loose.

Needless to say, also being a sucker for braids, I'd be interested to hear your progress.

yardenxanthe said...

Saw you on wardrobe refashion.

I love the bags - they are the first recycled bag bags that I thought I might actually use.

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