Monday, February 26, 2007

I feel such a beginner

No seriously I do and at sewing as well!

Just come across this entry by The Sewing Divas. I have always tried to stress the importance of pressing garments as part of the process of making them but shear amount of equipment they have has me gob smacked. I didn't even know some of it exsisted though i can see the reasons for most. It has reminded me I need a couple of hams though.. The frock coats haven't pressed as well as I would like because I only have a flat board. The tip about pressing bound buttons is one I will try and remember too.

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Julie said...


There have been a couple of articles in Threads recently about pressing aids and irons which have educated me of late, but some of the things as you scroll down the page are totally alien to me.

I too keep thinking about investing in a small ham for pressing sleeve caps and princess seams. The sleeve boards also look useful but then I'd have an issue about where to store them. :-S

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