Saturday, November 12, 2011


Gosh it's a long time since I posted hasn't it.

I have been busy and trying to do things rather than blog about them. One day I may be one of those mega organised people who manages both. Mostly I've been busy with other stuff not craft related and with moving everything into the workshop and getting it sorted. It is lovely to have so much space and I'm gradually finding everything that had been spread to the four winds and getting it all together.

I have also started knitting !  I did learn to knit as a kid but as my mum said I only made a couple of things and then decided it was boring. A few years ago I learn crochet and generally i prefer that and its quicker however as with all things there are some things that just work better in a specific medium. For knitting one of those things is socks, crochet ones just come out to thick to wear in shoes unless you have really, really thin yarn... so sock knitting is my new thing !

I have so far finished a whole one pair and another single sock.
The first pair are far too loose to fit really well and knitted on to big a needle but they are still lovely.

 First socks

The second sock looks much better though I made mistakes following the pattern so it's different to what was written, but it works I just have to remember what i did differently to make the second which i need to get on with.  I also have three others on the needles currently.

1) A simple rib pair for Treestump who was sure he needed some.

 The start of Treestumps socks.. have done more than this now.

2) One of the tour du sock patterns Phellogen (ravelry link) which has cables which is going slowly but well

3) A second tour du sock pattern, Chain Reaction (ravelry link ) which is my first ever try at colour work, I'm making them more like ankle socks and many people said the leg is very long and tight and I have big calfs.

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Jules said...

Your first socks are great :-)

And sock knitting is very addictive! I miss it, but one day...

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