Friday, March 12, 2010

Long time no blogging

I know I know... I will post something a bit more interesting than this soon. One of the reasons for not doing anything is my main computer is very sick and himself keeps promising the fix it but as yet hasn't. While there are plenty of others that is where i have all the photo software and so on set up just right and where I generally download the photos.. yes I have them backup on an external hard-drive too but it's just that extra effort to do anything and I normally fit blog posts into the little gaps in doing other things.

It is Treestump's second birthday today... how time flies and I certainly have an item or two made for him to post up in the coming days so do watch this space there may be something worth looking at later you never know!


Always smiling said...

Hi Esther,

Nice to see you back, I peeped at your allotment blog too, we haven't been to ours since before christmas!
Looked for your email addy but couldn't see it anywhere, hence writing here.
Some one emailed me who lives in Coventry and said she got my email addy from you. I have lost that email, so I wondered if you could send me her addy please?
thank you

Chris x

Anonymous said...

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ravenrigan said...

Hiya hun! I've missed you here and on LJ!

美岑美岑 said...


Anonymous said...

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