Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mosaic week 2 - more snow and sledging.

This week's Mosaic is rather late for Monday but I just ran out of time, that and my rather dodgy computer decided to crash when i was most of the way through it but before I saved it!!

It is very rare for us to have snow for this long, more than a day or two at a time is very uncommon in fact so that I have two weeks in a row of snow pictures in not something to miss. These were all taken on Wednesday. We were asked to pick up Treestump from nursery early as the staff wanted to get home before things froze so I went to get him walking through one park in falling snow (top three photos) and Tom went to get Noddles from school. After school we all headed to a second park which in fact is just over the road from the first to sledge, by this time it had stopped snowing but the sky was very grey making the light levels quite strange it felt almost as if my glasses were in need of a clean but it was just the way everything looked...

This second park is just a big flat field except for the fact it has a bank round the edge next to the road and this bank is big enough to sled down. Normally this park is empty apart from the occasional dog walker or someone taking a short cut but as you can see it was really quite full of poeple sledging, having snowball fights or just enjoying themselves out with friends. The bottom right photo is Treestump trying to throw a snowball.. problem was he could pick up just enough snow to coat his glove but not enough to have some to throw! It was very funny if frustrating for him.. In the end he worked out there were bigger lumps he could pick up form around where others have dug up snow for snowballs.!

I love the way the snow and the light made the trees monochrome even though in the lower pictures it is mostly Rhododendron which are evergreen. It made the bright waterproofs the boys were wearing stand out all the more.


Always smiling said...

Hi Esther,

You are right Gimp is very addictive.
I love your snow pics and the black black background very effective.
I have started a new blog to chart my progress. I think I am getting the hang of it!http://picturestolove.blogspot.com/

Thank you
Chris x
PS Do you go along to the knitwits?

gemma said...

Lovely photos again - just shows the benefit of getting out and about. I also wondered about Knitwits? Best wishes from Gemma

Esther said...

I don't go to Knitwits currently as I have other things on that night butI have a couple of times in the past and it was fun. I might see if I can move the other engagement to a different day as it would be nice to get out and socialise a bit more now Treestump is older.

Kathy said...

Looks like fun and makes a very pretty mosaic, love your background photo too, Kathy.

LDH said...

Fun snowy Mosaic!

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