Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Sunday stash on Monday

Missed the right day due to running about doing stuff at the allotment and Tom being very much worse the wear from a tooth problem. Hopefully the dentist has solved it enough that he will not be in serious pain and they can sort it properly in a couple of weeks.!

Anyway fabric today was bought recently when I was dragged up the Foleshill to go to Tahim Drapers as it is such a dreadful thing to have to do !! Seriously it's dangerous for your pocket. This is their on-line shop if you don't believe me. The shop itself is quite a big space and has many, many types of fabric. A lot for Indian suits, ie the tunic, trouser and scarf sets, which means you get lots of designs where you have two or three complimentary fabrics but you often have to buy similar amounts of each as they are sets. they do a whole bunch of other fabrics too and trim and well you get the idea.

We went for a pattern and some buttons and I came out with three metres of this.
Coloured tissue under the bottom half to show possible effect.
Not sure what it's for yet. It is a fine unbleached colour with embroidery all over baring a couple of inches by the selvage. as you can see from the picture the embroidery is circles akin to the ones used to hold bits of mirror on fabric and smaller eyelet type work.. I think it might become sleeves and possible a yoke for a shirt and maybe a skirt over a coloured lining though fabric this light and small boys has problems.


steel breeze said...

Wow! How did I not know about this shop?! I must make a point of checking it out next time I'm in Coventry...

dottyspots said...

It looks lovely. Not hugely diverse here - I do miss being able to go to Asian stores for things like fabric (and veggies - I haven't seen a lot of things like okra here and I do love okra).

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