Thursday, March 26, 2009

Look what I found lounging in the ball pit!

I have finally finished my mermaid and I think she will be straight off to a little girl who was one a day before Treestump as late birthday present. Actually I may still add a little more hair as she looks great from the front but all the hair is currently anchored along the top of her head so turn her upside down and from the back she has no hair. This one got embroidered eyes mostly as I forgot to put the toy eyes in before stuffing but I think I like them more anyway.

Noodles has been after me to make him one of theses dolls and having seen this one he wants a Merboy so watch this space. He told me I had four days to do it but we have been negotiating! That said I have been promising him one for ages now. I have some ideas to add a few more details as he is older too.


Julie said...

Nice doll. I can see why Noodles wants a merboy... :)

dottyspots said...

She's really sweet :0)

Sarah said...

What a lovely mermaid and I love that photo of her against the balls-lovely colours.

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