Sunday, November 12, 2006

swap wardrobe again

I've had a trawl through my wardrobe.. it's now all either hung up, in the wash, in the ironing pile, in the mending pile or in the give away pile!

I have worked out I have lots of purple due to buying from which has been the main place I've got clothes from recently. True red seems to be restricted to a few t-shirts, even the more bricky red I used to wear is very light on the ground. There is some black, some blue and some other bits.

So I think I should look for a print with red in to start this wardrobe idea off. A nice bright red, one that will go with the purples.. i like red and purple as a colour mix.

I can see red, with dark purple and black or cream as the neutrals would work. Maybe with a pale blue or turquoise as an accent but I see the wisdom in looking for a print first.. problem is croft mills doesn't have pics! Wonder if one of their catalogues will be on it's way soon?

Just to put the cat among the pigeons someone mentioned the idea of a wardrobe based on a hobby and now I can’t get the idea of a Stargate one out my head.. Well Keser needs a wardrobe update now she is Toc’Ra.. need to show the adapted personality and need at least one I’m a Gou’ld infiltration outfit. Stupid idea so of course I can’t get it out of my head.

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